Mom Jeans

No matter the decade, fashion trends have proven mom jeans will never go out of style. These high-waisted jeans were originally fashionable in the late ’80s and ’90s, and are now making a comeback. Stylish and cool, mom jeans are a women’s wardrobe staple that you can pair with several different looks to achieve the perfect styling. You can style your mom jeans with a basic t-shirt, cute knit sweater or classy button-up on top with white sneakers, booties or loafers and an edgy black leather jacket or chic blazer.

Whether you’re picking your kids up from school or going to dinner for a girl’s night out, mom jeans outfits offer a versatile and timeless aesthetic you can wear anywhere. To inspire you with outfit ideas you can recreate at home, we’ve compiled a guide on how to wear mom jeans. From black to blue denim and baggy to ripped jeans, here’s everything you need to know on what to wear with mom jeans to pull off a trendy cute outfit.

What Are Mom Jeans?

Mom jeans are pants that feature a high waist, an elongated zipper, long back pockets, baggy legs, and are typically ankle length. Because of their slouchy silhouette, mom jeans tend to make you look taller, even for the most petite of women. Mom jeans are the feminine version of the classic boyfriend jean and provide a relaxed opposite to skinny jeans, which are more form-fitting and adhere to your curves. While you can’t go wrong with popular blue mom jeans, you can also find them in black, acid wash, and even ripped variations, all of which are trendy options for your outfit. With a wide selection to choose from, you’ll surely meet your perfect denim match by going with mom jeans.

Mom Jeans Aesthetic

The mom jeans aesthetic is relaxed and casual, yet stylish and cute. The mom jeans look can work for everyday wear or with smart casual outfits. They are loose and comfortable, but still stylish and feminine, and provide you with an effortless style. You won’t regret adding mom jeans to your daily rotation. If you’re unsure about what to wear with your mom jeans, we’ve provided you with a handy list of timeless outfit ideas.

Mom Jeans Outfits

Black Mom Jeans Outfits

Pull off an edgy relaxed outfit that looks stylish with black mom jeans. As a happy medium between classy and rebellious, a pair of black mom jeans can be sexy, sleek, and slimming for a flawless ensemble. Pair the look with a matching black leather jacket and studded accessories for a bold look. To dress them down, style your comfy jeans with a plain white t-shirt and matching sneakers. Versatile and fun, there are many black mom jeans outfits to experiment with, making it a wardrobe staple for any woman.

Blue Mom Jeans Outfits

For a timeless and chic get-up, look no further than blue mom jeans. Whether for the office, grabbing a cup of coffee, or lounging at home, blue jeans provide the basis for a classic outfit and a laid-back feel. The epitome of effortless style, this look can be styled in a myriad of ways that can be worn at any time of year. Try wearing your outfit with a graphic tee or crop top for an effortless look. For a smart casual outfit, combine the cut with a solid button-down shirt and a pair of neutral-colored suede pointed heels.

Light Blue Mom Jeans Outfits

Light blue mom jeans are the perfect addition to any closet. While acceptable for all seasons, try pairing your light blue mom jeans with an off-the-shoulder cotton top or peasant blouse to create an airy warm-weather look that will never go out of style. Experiment with something edgier by trying a double denim look and combining your bottoms with a jean jacket with cuffed sleeves. No matter what you pair with it, you’ll have a comfortable outfit that will keep you looking fabulous every time.

Baggy Mom Jeans Outfits

Baggy mom jeans take comfort to a whole new level. This relaxed style features a tapered waist and longer legs than regular cuts yet still delivers a feminine look. Perhaps one of the most versatile jeans for women, baggy high-waisted jeans can be worn with anything. No matter the length or shade, baggy mom jeans provide the ideal everyday look. For ultimate coziness, wear them with an oversized sweater, jacket, or hoodie and a pair of ballet flats, booties, or soft loafers. Create an easy look that will never fail by pairing your jeans with a white tee and matching white sneakers. Combining high heels and a short top will allow for a more streamlined silhouette, while still exuding a comfortable aesthetic.

What To Wear with Mom Jeans

No matter what outfit you choose, you can’t go wrong with mom jeans. Accessories help make your style stand out and ensure you look flawless every time. Below are our recommendations for what to wear with your mom jeans.

Shirts To Wear with Mom Jeans

Whether you want to rock your favorite white t-shirt, a graphic tee, or a soft blouse, there are many cute shirts to wear with mom jeans. For an athletic look, pair your jeans with an oversized jersey sporting the team of your choice. To pull off a classy style, wearing a black, brown, or dark red turtleneck will complement your mom jeans well. In the summer months, you’ll want light blue and acid wash denim jeans with white and bright color shirts that are breathable. A stylish jacket and sexy heels can take your fashion to the next level. From modern chic to vintage flair, you can experiment with different shirts, colors, designs and combinations to create the perfect outfit.


  • Depending on the occasion, you can dress up or down your mom jeans
  • Complement your mom jeans by wearing a form-fitting crop top, t-shirt, or bodysuit.
  • For a casual look, pair your mom jeans with a tank top, button-down blouse, chunky sweater, sweatshirt, or cardigan.
  • Shoes to wear include sneakers, boots, heels, slip-on, wedges, trainers, and sandals.
  • For something extra that will elevate your look, combine pieces from different decades for a unique retro style.
  • Accessories can make an outfit, so don’t be afraid to go all out and add stylish pieces. You can be colorful, bold or subtle with your choices.